The Jane Austen Experience



Jane Austen is one of Bath’s most famous residents, albeit a short term one, her stay lasting less than 6 years.  Nevertheless, she immortalised the spirit of an era in the two posthumously published novels which cite Bath specifically, namely Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, and has helped to capture a moment in history, literally, for all to enjoy.  It is this that inspires us at The Jane Austen Experience, to help visitors, whether ardent ‘Janeite’ or travel wise tourists, get the best from their stay. We have created a self guided tour app that allows you to discover the city at your own pace, starting when and where you want, stopping when something particular takes your interest.

We are also launching a concierge service to guide you to the best services, events and tours to other towns significant to the  life and times of the Austen family, such as Steventon, Chawton, Lyme Regis and London.

Simply register your email details on the home page and we will send you the regular updates.  As this coming year is the bicentennial of Jane’s death, we want to honour that milestone moment by serving her memory in style worthy of her outstanding legacy.

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