Welcome to the World of Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s literary legacy continues to be appreciated and is evident in the continuous growth of her fan base around the world. ┬áHer novels stand as a testimony to a social milieu in high definition as captured in the society life such as Bath was in Georgian and Regency times. Her shrewd observational skills belied her country upbringing and tender years. Adroitly expressing, both with humour and stark candour, the affectations of the classes, such as she was personally exposed to, her facility in authoring characters whose conversation cleverly revealed personal or social traits and biases, we are transported into a world that both charms and disarms us. Bath, the city, is no less a jewel. Built resplendently to high aesthetic standards, it’s World Heritage status is thoroughly deserved.

We invite you to take the waters in the famous Pump Rooms, promenade along Pulteney Street and explore the history of Bath expertly enshrined in exhibitions in the many museums across the city. The Assembly Rooms, replete with Georgian architecture, graciously lawned parks and vistas that delight the eye will help you imagine what it was in Jane Austen’s day.

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