Coming to Bath to explore the delights of the city? Want to know all the best places to stay, eat and shop? We can help you to experience the best of contemporary Bath whilst you discover the history of Jane Austen’s life here.


The Jane Austen Experience invites you to discover Bath in all its splendour. Whether you choose to download our unique self guided tour app of the city, allowing you to explore the key highlights at your leisure or ¬†book an expert to show you around, we can help you customise a memorable experience. ¬†With over 35 years knowledge of Bath, it’s history and the people who know Jane Austen’s story, you will have a trip to remember.

If you would like to visit Chawton, Steventon, Winchester, Lyme Regis or London, as part of an extended package, let us guide you to the best providers, who are accredited and highly experienced. As your personal concierge service, we will work to ensure you have every chance to learn about Jane Austen’s life, her works and her legacy.